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At 76, I’ve worked with a personal trainer for many years but the pandemic forced my previous trainer to move out of state. I was happy to find Gale and to realize that she fit the bill for me: personable but no nonsense and knowledgeable but not arrogant. I appreciate that she varies the workout every time, although I have to admit that I like some better than others
I’ve been working out with Gale for a couple of months now and couldn’t be more thankful to have found her. She is very thorough with her intake to get to know you and your goals. She teaches me correct form and stretching so I am never hurting myself whether I’m working out in her gym or on my own at home. Between sessions, she texts to check in on how my home workouts are going or how I’m feeling after a new work out we did at her gym. The encouragement and structure she provides leaves me with a confidence I’m not sure I’d have if I had tried to get back into working out on my own. I’m looking forward to continuing to work toward my goals with Gale’s expert guidance.
Bristol, CT
I recently moved from NC to CT 3 months ago, and found Gale’s Personal Training online in a google search. I was ready to begin my fitness journey, specifically interested in one-on-one training with a professional female, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. She is encouraging, motivating, and very thorough with her explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals. Gale challenges you and is right by your side guiding you along the way. Her gym is immaculate, very organized, clean, and houses a large variety of gym equipment to meet your personal needs. I’m only a month into my personal fitness training sessions with her thus far, and I’m beyond pleased with her and the entire process. It’s been a great experience and by far the best money I’ve ever spent. Highly recommend!
Lindsay G.
Bristol, CT
After having a few bad experiences at my former Gym, I actually found Gale through a Google search. I sent her an e-mail and she reached out to me within less than 24 hours. That night we had our first meeting.

I cannot say enough nice things about Gale. She is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her Gym is beautiful and clean and I love that the Training is 1x1 in a private environment. I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Gale challenges you but makes it fun and switches it up every session. I have never had a workout go by so fast!

I cannot recommend Gale's Personal Training enough. If you're reading this and are currently back and forth on signing up for classes - just do it! You'll be glad you did.
I can’t thank her enough for working with me at my level and giving me motivation to keep trying on my own . She gives you the tools you already have ... your own body ... and some simple weights ... no need for a lot of gadgets at home . I’ve been without her for a week now that my sessions are over and miss her help already . I will be back for a tune up !
I heard about Gale from a family member and am so glad I started. I always wanted to try a personal trainer but didn’t want to pay on top of a gym membership and be in the gym with everyone else.

Gale is so amazing, she is so fun and knows how to push you without over doing it. She helps keep me motivated and makes me enjoy working out – which I have never enjoyed before. I also love that she teaches you different work outs that can easily be done at your home if you don’t want to go to the gym like me. I would recommend her to everyone – she is amazing!!
I came to Gale with a lot of issues from surgeries. I needed to get my core stronger and my stamina and energy back. She was so knowledgeable in anatomy she understood everything I could and couldn’t do and what areas that needed to be stronger to help me. I just signed up for 20 more classes. At first I was definitely intimidated by working with a trainer because I am so out of shape but she made it very easy and comfortable that I actually started looking forward to coming! She has different workouts prepared all the time so it is never boring. I would highly recommend Gale for any person looking for a great workout no matter what your level is. She is awesome!!
Karen W
I was really nervous about approaching a personal trainer. I have spent the majority of my life overweight and, while I know thru my career about the importance of exercise, doing it was another matter. I found a program that helped me shed a significant amount of weight and earlier this year acknowledged exercise was going to HAVE to be a bigger part of my life. On my own I was getting mixed results and a family member had used Gale in the past and gave me her number. Took me a bit to get brave but she knows her stuff! Just signed up for my second round of sessions. She has dealt with my out of shape and not so young body extremely well! She knows when to be nice and when to kick butt. You KNOW you exercised but are not overstrained! She has dealt appropriately with how my diet affects my exercise program perfectly. If you are afraid to face a trainer all I can tell you is Gale never makes you feel like you can't or shouldn't be there - she takes who you are and makes you better!
Laura C
I found Gale through a Google search and she contacted me within a day of sending my inquiry through email. Her testimonials were what drew me in and now that I’ve experienced her training first hand, I can testify to the truth of her professionalism, expertise, and passion for what she does. What I enjoy most is her ability to push me beyond my comfort level, challenging me both mentally and physically. She does so in a supportive way - a “you can do it” manner. Above all else, she teaches me the “how”, “what”, and “why” of what we’re doing as we move through each exercise.

If you are considering personal training and prefer a private experience with a highly knowledgeable and “practice what you preach” individual, Gale is the trainer for you. She is warm, welcoming, funny, down to earth, and motivating. She truly cares about her clients.

I’ll be starting my second session with Gale next week and continue to look forward to the commitment I’ve made to myself. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to guide me through this journey.

Amy B.
Amy B
I came to Gale with a tall order - motivate me and teach me. She has not only made my goals seem completely attainable, but she has truly motivated me to challenge myself and persevere through the mental blocks.

Her can-do attitude, and quiet persistence is amazing. I have learned so much, and I wish she was my permanent work out buddy.

You'll enjoy her spirit, sense of humor and appreciate everything she has to offer.
I absolutely love my sessions with gale she caters to your personal needs has tons of information and makes you feels so comfortable no matter what level you are on. She challenges you appropriately, makes working out fun and generally makes you want to work out; none of that insecure feeling you get at public gym. I would recommend her to anybody regardless of your fitness level. Thanks Gale for all the help on my body and mind
I had been working out occasionally over the years. I had been doing the same routine with weights for a while with little results and it was getting boring.Then I started working with Gale. I didn't know what to expect, but was more than impressed by Gale's professionalism. She has incredible knowledge, patience, and energy. I learned how to stretch correctly and how to stretch every muscle group. She taught me how to lift weights with the right form for maximum results while breathing correctly. I learned weight lifting exercises for every muscle group that I had never seen before. I was looking to be challenged, and each session pushed me to my max and provided a full-body workout. Each session was a lot of fun with great music, encouragement and energy. I very highly recommend Gale's Personal Training.
I have worked with other trainers over the last 20 years and Gale is BY FAR the most knowledgeable, motivating and fun trainer I have ever had. She went through what my needs/goals were prior to starting my schedule and fully understands the difficulties for someone like me, who has hypothyroidism and asthma. She makes each work out a unique and fun experience while at the same time knowing when to push me harder when I get complacent. I signed up for the 40 session package and am ABSOLUTELY signing up for another 40! My legs are looking leaner and meaner and the rest of me is coming along nicely! Thank you Gale for making working out and losing weight FUN!
Paula T
Bristol CT
I've never liked working out and couldn't stick with it...until I started training with Gale. She is very knowledgable, supportive and motivating. I've been working out with her for a year and I look and feel stronger and healthier. She varies our workouts so I never get bored. She is encouraging and pushes me to work hard and smart. Now I actually enjoy working out! I look forward to continued success with Gale.
Gale is an amazing trainer as well as a great person. She is so flexible when it comes to my crazy work schedule and makes sure to always fit me in. Every day she pushes me harder towards my goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me motivated and goal oriented, without making me dread working out. I came to Gale not only with a weight problem but I also suffer from kidney disease and she is so accomadating to my needs and constantly checks on me which makes me feel as though she is my friend as well as my trainer. The comfort level I have with her is so high because of her personality as well as her professionalism. She even helps me plan for workouts when we are unable to meet during the week! Thanks so much Gale!!!
Molly M
Gale is fantastic! She makes you feel very comfortable and sets up a great environment. She helped me to reach my goals and pass my physical agility police test and see my true potential. I always felt like I was in great hands and that I would always get a great workout! Working out with Gale was always the best part of my week!
Thomaston, CT
I was sorry to see my sessions with Gale end. After 12 sessions with Gale, I saw and felt results that years at the gym did not produce. Gale works one on one with you (and patiently, I might add, for those of us not so coordinated), focusing on what you need personally. She corrected my form and taught me how to get the most out of any workout I may do. Trainers at the gym are cut from the same mold and pretty much give everyone the same routine. Gale worked with exactly what I needed. She also challenged me and worked me through things I couldn't do before. Gale works every part of you to the fullest. I would strongly recommend Gale as a trainer.
Pat Onofrio
Gale has a positive attitude which is motivating. She keeps you going even when your body wants to quit. Working with her was good because the sessions were always different and my body always felt challenged. I feel that I have a better understanding of how to effectively work my muscles and I feel stronger. Thanks for your help Gale!
Gale has been helpful and encouraging in getting me started on my weight loss journey. I have been to multiple personal trainers and she has been the best. She knows how to make workout effective through teaching proper form. She is also friendly and flexible. The gym where she trains is very clean and inviting. If you are tired of personal trainers and gym membership, Gale's personal training is the ideal place.
Working with Gale is amazing. She knows exactly what to say and do to get the most out of me. In the short time I have been working with her I have seen fabulous results! I love the fact that she is constantly adding new and interesting activites to my workout sessions so I am NEVER bored.

Gale is extremely knowledgable about the body and how it works and moves so she is able to help me understand each exercise and what we are targeting. Really helps me to focus on the task at hand and see the results quickly. Plus get the maximum benefit out of my workouts with her.

I look forward to my workouts and have really embraced making exercise and physical activity part of my daily life because of Gale and her encouraging personality.

My only regret is that I didn't start this whole thing sooner!!!
Michelle H.
My experience with Gale has been wonderful. She has given me new motivation and a sense of renewal towards getting in shape, staying healthy and enjoying life.
Gale is full of warmth and understanding and is sincerely interested in her clients. She is most experienced in her craft and I for one am getting very positive results. I look forward to a long relationship with Gale.
Regina B.
farmington, CT
After putting all the weight back on plus more, I needed a life change. Gale is amazing, and the real thing. She is the 3rd personal trainer I have been to and I wish I started with her years ago. After the first session when she must have corrected my form 50 times, I knew I was in good hands.

Many people think personal trainers are just about pushing you hard and giving you a great workout. Gale broke that stereotype going far beyond my workouts. She consistently strives hard to lift my self-confidence constantly reminding me of how I can do this! She changes every workout to be different, so it’s always interesting and fun, but very challenging and hard at times. She pushes me, and I need to be pushed.

She holds me accountable, genuine in her caring of my results, and I know I have made the best decision in coming to her. I have a long way to go to reach my goal, over 100 lbs to lose, but feel with the help of Gale I am certainly on my way and really can get there with hard work and determination. I am losing and getting healthier and stronger every week.
Sue K.
Plantsville, CT
A few months ago after being fed up with being over weight and just unhealthy, I decided to search for personal trainers on line. Finding Gale has been truly life changing.

I have battled with my weight and working out most of my life. In less than two months I have seen amazing results thanks to her guidance. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. There is nothing boring about working out with her as it is both fun and challenging and she is always changing up the routine.

Not only are the workouts with her great but she has also provided me with the tools to help me maintain my goals at home. I feel as though I have finally found the right balance with nutrition and exercise. It isn't just the drop in size that has inspired me to continue on my journey, but the overall way I feel. She cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating

I can honestly say I look forward to training with Gale every week!
Tracy L.
Gale motivates and is very knowledgeable. Since working with Gale I have learned the proper form when performing exercises . I can notice the difference when doing things correctly. The proper form works the muscles most effectively.
Gale is terrific!
For anyone who, like me, had very little experience knowing the proper ways and forms for weight training exercise, Gale is an excellent, patient teacher who really knows how to motivate. I've learned a lot in a very short period of time! I can't recommend her highly enough - I always leave feeling great and can't wait until our next session.
Bristol, CT
Upon my consultation with Gale I was greeted with a friendly welcome and met with nothing but organization, and professionalism. Gale has an array of different machinery and equipment. Gale's gym is very clean, and spacious. Gale is extremely personable and really does her best to make you feel comfortable. Gale also comes across very supportive, and you can truly sense the devotion and joy her job brings to her. I decided to start sessions with Gale, and although I have not been with her long I could not be happier. I know Gale will do her very best to help me achieve my goals.
I just started working with Gale. I've never really worked with a personal trainer before and I was somewhat hesitant since I have a considerable amount of weight to lose, as well as an injury to work around.
Well, I needn't have worried. Not only did I find her interview process to be thorough and professional, but more importantly, I felt an immediate rapport with her.
In our meeting she was organized, informative, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt instantly at ease and she made me believe that I can definitely accomplish my goals. I was very impressed at how much time she took to make sure she had a complete understanding of me as a person and my physical health, in addition to making sure all of my questions were answered.
I am truly looking forward to accomplishing my goals with her help!
Gale, thank you so much for everything you do. You've nursed me through many injuries and helped me realize the importance of exercise - it has been empowering! Most of all thank you for being a friend!
Bristol, CT
I have been working out most of my adult life but as time went on I was just going through the motions and started losing interest. About three months ago, I started personal training with Gale. Gale keeps me motivated as she changes up my workout and keeps it challenging for me. She is a very dedicated, energetic and engaging trainer. I can honestly say I look forward to my weekly workouts with Gale!
Nancy G.
Bristol, CT
I began training with Gale in May 2011, when I finally reached out for help with my weight loss goals. She has exceeded all expectations I had of working with a personal trainer and convinced me that it is not just about weight loss but strength and flexibility too. Gale has given me a new appreciation for exercise and has kept me accountable in accomplishing my weight loss goal. Gale gets results! After 4 months, I have lost 22lbs of fat and have significantly lowered my cholesterol and body fat numbers. Oh and we do have fun! She is a joy to work with even though I am huffing and puffing.

I highly recommend Gale as a personal trainer. Her personal studio is well equipped and very private. She has decades of experience and knows all the tricks! She is very picky about proper form and movement to get the most out of each exercise (uh ha!). And she is very inspiring and patient. She tailors each session depending on where I am in reaching my goals. I have learned how to correctly handle free weights, circuit training and do Pilates. She even came out to my house to write up a routine for my bow flex. Gale sincerely cares about her client's health and is a model professional trainer. I have more energy and strength today than I have had in years because of Gale's training. One of the best investments I have ever made! I highly recommend her services to anyone of any age.
Denise N.
Bristol, CT

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